There Is a Book in You

You are a unique combination of experiences and ideas and have so often felt that there is a book in you, but you have no idea how to go about getting it out.  Many people have tried to write personal books, but they often end up buried beneath a confusing pile of notes which, after years of accumulating, are generally left to sit.  Certainly, it isn’t easy to write a manuscript, which then needs to be edited and formatted before it can be published, and few people actually accomplish writing and publishing their book on their own.

Get Your Book Into Print

How would you like someone to write your book and get it published for you?  Haines Communications has a unique approach to getting this accomplished and will have you becoming the published author of your own book containing up to 100 pages in less than two months.

Depending on what you wish to do with your book, the following options are available to you.  These are the same options we offer our business book clients:

  1. A complete service where we write the book and provide you with a finished product, then set you up so you have complete control over pricing and royalties.
  2. Same as #1, but we are the publisher and retain the royalties.  With the base plan there are no discounts, but you do have a wholesale option to purchase books at a 50% discount.
  3. If you have a finished manuscript or just need help with part of the process, we also offer our services on an a-la-carte basis.